Welcome to H.O.P.S.

Helping Other People Succeed (H.O.P.S.) is an acronym for Helping Other People Succeed, and that is precisely what we have been doing since 2012. H.O.P.S. is a business consulting firm that focuses on growth through our various training, consulting, and business services.  Our clientele ranges from large corporations to small organizations and individuals.  H.O.P.S. is dedicated to leveraging the transformative force of aiding others in achieving their utmost potential and facilitating their success.

Our mission encompasses

Empowering individuals, regardless of age or gender, globally and within organizations by delivering consultancy, coaching, and speaking engagements. Our primary objective is to embolden our clientele to seize command of their financial destinies, and fostering enduring triumphs. We extend a comprehensive array of tools and services tailored to budding scholars, seasoned professionals, and enterprises. Through personalized and collective instruction, we endeavor to cultivate proficiency in financial stewardship for all. With our wealth of expertise and resources, we stand committed to guiding our clients toward economic prosperity.

H.O.P.S. President and Founder

Tearra Dotson, a Certified Life Coach, Customer Service Guru, Public Speaker, Trainer, Educator, and Motivator, epitomizes dedication to inspiring and fostering the success of others. Emerging from a challenging background as a teenage mother, Tearra triumphed over adversity and shattered stereotypes, defying the limitations traditionally imposed on young parents.

Originally from South Bend, IN, Tearra embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to Indianapolis in 2008. Amidst this transition, she recommitted herself to education, earning her Bachelor’s in Science in 2012 and her Master’s in Science in 2014. Her professional evolution has been enriched by years of experience in life coaching and mentoring and a diverse career trajectory.

At the helm of H.O.P.S. and H.O.P.S. Heart of Charity, Tearra serves as President and Founder, channeling her passion for empowerment into tangible initiatives. Concurrently, Tearra imparts her wealth of knowledge as a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech Community College, complementing over two decades of expertise in Property Management, Development, Finance, and Construction.

Personal trials have imbued Tearra with an unwavering commitment to assisting others facing adversity. Through nationwide engagements, she educates, motivates, and empowers individuals to cultivate leadership skills and realize their full potential, emphasizing the practical application of customer service principles.

Tearra’s integrity, reliability, and perpetual learning ethos underscore her role as a trusted educator and lifelong advocate for personal growth. In 2012, she founded Helping Other People Succeed (HOPS), a beacon of support offering consultancy, coaching, training, and motivational resources. In 2022, the inception of HOPS Heart of Charity (5013c) further exemplified Tearra’s dedication, extending tailored programs to women and students and equipping them with the tools essential for success.

In Tearra’s worldview, results speak louder than rhetoric, underscoring her commitment to tangible outcomes in every endeavor. Through her multifaceted contributions, Tearra Dotson continues to redefine the narrative of triumph over adversity, inspiring others to embrace their potential and transcend perceived limitations.


Tearra Dotson




Responsive and Personalized Consultations

We have established streamlined processes for client engagement, including initial consultations, needs assessments, and tailored assistance plans. Our team is committed to providing responsive and personalized support to every client, ensuring that their needs are met, and expectations are exceeded.


Comprehensive Support

H.O.P.S. currently offers a range of services including speaking engagements, financial services, bookkeeping, financial analysis, and tax services. Our comprehensive support helps businesses make informed financial decisions, streamline their bookkeeping processes, conduct thorough financial analysis, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.


High-Quality Training with Positive Outcomes

H.O.P.S. has extensive experience providing similar services to a diverse range of clients, including small businesses, and startups. Our team members possess a wealth of expertise in financial management, business consulting, and training delivery, ensuring high-quality service delivery and positive outcomes for our clients.


Empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in their endeavors.

We recognize that success in financial matters goes beyond just managing numbers. Our approach  encompasses a holistic perspective, where we not only provide sound advice but also prioritize the success and well-being of our attendees.