Meet Our Team

Organization Structure

Our organization consists of three key members, each bringing unique
expertise and skills to the team. Together we form a cohesive unit dedicated to delivering high-quality technical assistance and support.

Shirnise Hubbard

Shirnise has dedicated more than 15 years to expertise in accounting, accounting
practices, and bookkeeping.

Tearra Dotson

Tearra is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, boasting more than 23 years of
experience in tax preparation, financial management, budgeting, coaching, and training.
Additionally, Tearra serves as a professor at Ivy Tech, a prominent state college, where she
oversees the entrepreneur program. She takes great pride in teaching and managing this
program, which caters to a diverse range of demographics.

Angela Sharp

Angela Sharp has spent 20 years volunteering in various communities and 10 years working in the customer service industry. She has various certificates for virtual assistance training and is working towards her B.A in TESOL at USILACS