NAHB Courses


Tearra Dotson is licensed by NAHB Education to present the following courses

The New Home Sales Professional, Understanding Today’s New Home Buyer, Marketing & Sales for Building Professionals, and the CAPS designation courses: Marketing & Communicating with the Aging In Place Client, Design Concepts for Livable Homes & Aging In Place, Details and Solutions for Livable Homes & Aging In Place, plus Universal Design Essentials, and Train the Trainer.

Details and Solutions for Livable Homes and Aging In Place (CAPS III)

This course builds on the CAPS II course (which is a highly recommended prerequisite to this course) by introducing design solutions and techniques for professionals whose clients require specialized design and equipment to live and thrive comfortably in their homes. Whole house product specification and installation techniques will be covered accompanied by practical, hands-on activities.

Universal Design Essentials

This course shifts the focus from custom accessibility-related modifications to successful integration of Universal Design as part of far more single-family residential construction projects (new construction as well as remodeling, affordable to luxury). The concepts discussed in this course will enable industry professionals to produce marketable projects that support the changing needs of clients over their lifetime.

Understanding Today’s New Home Buyer

This course will explore the today’s home buyers. Who are they? How do they think? What affects their buying decision? There are a variety of buyer profiles for new home purchases. As new home sales professionals, we first identify our buyer profile and then we must understand what motivates those who fit that profile to be effective in sales and marketing.

The New Home Sales Professional

Are you ready to sharpen your sales presentation and place yourself in the top percentile of new homes sales professionals? We often find ourselves doing the same thing based on habits or what “seems” to be working, but for those that want more, this course will allow you to sharpen or reshape your sales skills and tactics.

Marketing & Communicating to the Aging In Place Client


Millions of Americans are living longer and more active lives. Because they are embracing newly found and changing lifestyles, they need to revitalize their home environment. Identifying this burgeoning opportunity and then developing the skills to interact with this market can help you grow your business dramatically.