H.O.P.S. Services

 As a business consultant company

H.O.P.S. Works With Individuals, Managers, Small Businesses and Large Corporations.

Business Consulting

H.O.P.S. can provide more useful and practical solutions to many of the unique problems that arise in management. We take a strategic approach to problem-solving and exploring all angles of a particular challenge.  The certified life coaches at H.O.P.S. are committed to ensuring that you achieve your vision of success for yourself and your business.


Notary Services

H.O.P.S. is proud to offer Notary Public services. This is available to our clients in the Indianapolis area. Now, there is no need in going to your bank, insurance office, or other place of business to find a notar. You now have the option to set a meeting with Tearra at your convenience to have your important documents notarized. 

Tax Services

 During the traditional tax season, we emphasise on Individual tax preparation.  Our tax representatives keep up-to-date with new tax laws. We take advantage of tax breaks that may lower our clients’ taxes. Don’t wait until April – contact H.O.P.S. today to see how we can help you succeed come tax time.


H.O.P.S. is proud to offer these small to mid-sized business workshops.  Both aim to teach participants how to use communication and customer service skills to better serve your clients and your bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a workshop in your organization, please visit our CONTACT PAGE and let us know.