About H.O.P.S.


H.O.P.S. History and Mission

Tearra Dotson, a Certified Life Coach, Customer Service Guru, Public Speaker, Trainer, Educator, and Motivator, is dedicated to inspiring and helping others succeed. As a teenage mom, now the mother of five, Tearra went through tough times and overcame diversity and the status quo of what teen parents could not accomplish.  

Originally from South Bend, IN, Tearra uprooted her entire life and relocated to Indianapolis in 2008. During this time, she returned to continue her education, obtaining her Bachelor’s in Science in 2012 and her Master’s in Science in 2014. Over the years, she has grown professionally and gained relevant knowledge from life coaching and mentoring. To expound more on her professional experience, Tearra is the President and Founder of H.O.P.S. and H.O.P.S. Heart of Charity.  In addition, Tearra is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech Community College. She also has over 20 years of Property Management, Development, and Construction experience.

 Personal life experiences inspired Tearra to help others who undergo difficult life circumstances. She travels nationwide, educating, motivating, training, teaching, and inspiring people. She empowers people to excel in leadership and achieve their full potential through practical customer service skills. Tearra is a trustworthy, reliable, lifelong learner and educator.  

Tearra founded Helping Other People Succeed (HOPS) in 2012, whose mission is to help others reach their full potential by consulting, coaching, training, and motivating. In 2022 HOPS Heart of Charity (5013c) was created to offer various programs designed for both women and students to provide tools necessary for success. Tearra believes in results, and if the results don’t match the presentation, then what’s the point of conversing? Let’s see the results.


Tearra Dotson