H.H.O.C. Board of Directors

Tearra Dotson


My name is Tearra Dotson and I have a passion for Helping Other People Succeed. I am a certified Life Coach dedicated to inspiration and motivation. I finished a Bachelor of Science in 2012 and a Master’s degree in Science in 2014.

Over the years, I have grown professionally and gained relevant knowledge from coaching and mentoring experiences.

 As a wife, mother, and businesswoman, I understand how difficult it is to balance the responsibilities of life. I have often found that support and accountability are worth their weight in gold and many in my circle of influence rely on me to hold them accountable to their goals and cheer them on. 




Misty Hall is the Executive Director of Operations at JP Morgan Chase.  In this role she leads a global organization for core banking operations.  Misty has been with J.P. Morgan since 2007 She has a breadth of experience leading large scale programs and teams.  Misty is active in her community serving on several Employee Resource Groups and is a regular volunteer with several civic organizations.  Misty serves on the corporate collective board with IndyHub helping young professionals engage deeply and meaningful in Indianapolis.  Misty enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading and gardening.  Misty has a passion for families in her community and has supported seven children navigating the foster system to safely achieve reunification with their families.



My name is Deidre Evans-Hancook. I am a wife and mother of two. I enjoy reading, the outdoors, and playing games with my family.

I am an Executive Assistant in higher education. I have worked in the Administration world for over 10 years.

I strive on being an instrument in helping others succeed, conquering daily unknowns, and bringing a positive attitude. I strongly believe it all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it. 


My name is Samone Jackson. I was born in Indianapolis, IN. I have a big heart and I desire to love others and build connections. I love mentoring and helping others. I aspire to be a world leader and motivational speaker spreading the word of God. Life is about lessons and growing to be who God created you to be; fearfully and wonderfully made. My role at H.O.P.S. is to mentor young women and help them reach their goals.

H.H.O.C. Board Members


My name is Lawren, I have spent the last 6 years in multifamily property management working in market rate communities. I made the transition to tax credit housing in 2020 and have not looked back. I love the housing industry and have a passion for serving other people.

I have spent years being mentored in personal and professional aspects of my life by strong women that have encouraged me to be the best version of myself. I have always had a desire to give back and invest my time and energy helping others receive the mentorship they need to succeed and am proud to be a part of an organization that does just that!


Jennifer Steichen

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science Management degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and Life, Growth and Implementation certifications from Life-forming Leadership Coaching.

Jennifer is committed to helping others and considers herself to be a great listener with a passion for the success of others.  Her training in management along with extensive training as a Life and Growth Coach enhances her ability to coach others with outstanding results.  Jennifer’s ability to ask powerful questions draws out answers instead of giving them.  She will help you discover a lifestyle that will enable you to set goals and fulfill your purpose.


Tanikia Forrest

My name is Tanikia Forrest. I was born in South Bend, IN on February 2, 1989. I have four beautiful children named Hardin, Haydin, Tionne and Kennedy. My children are the biggest reason why you see the woman. 

 My inspiration is to be there for others as others have been for me. I always give my best, especially for myself and others. I have overcome obstacles that have helped me become the woman I am. I have been a business owner for 9 years; I am working daily to strive to be the best woman I can be. I feel that I always dream big and go for my goals. I am inspired to be the best. My main belief in life is that everything should be in harmony, People must keep balance in all areas of life. 

Asia Hudson

My name is Asia Hudson and I have been a transplant to Indy since November of 2019.

Since moving to Indy, I’ve made it my mission to contribute and be a part of the fabric of this amazing community and city. It is important to me as a black woman to be a part of and create spaces for young girls and women of color to be authentically themselves and live in their purpose – whatever that purpose is.

I am currently studying for my doctorate in Organizational Leadership and currently serving as a director in Graduate Medical Education in Student Affairs. At H.O.P.S. my role is a simple one – connect our ladies to resources and partnerships to help them reach their goals.

Alexis Ervin

Hi my name is Alexis Ervin , I am a skilled and versatile professional with a passion for media branding and executive support. With a proven background in managing the intricate details of high-profile executives’ lives, I excel in orchestrating seamless operations and ensuring optimal efficiency. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of brand strategy, I  possesses the ability to create captivating and cohesive media branding campaigns that leave a lasting impact on audiences.  

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